Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Old bad makeup habits #cringe

So i started wearing makeup when i was about twelve years old and was at my first year in high school. However, its only been this past year where i have learnt and studied makeup, and like most people (i hope!) have realised that i used to do some real dodgy things with makeup, so i thought i would share them just for the giggles

Like most people, my foundation didn't match my skin tone, or even my skin colour. Being pale meant that i was either yellow or orange for at least three years.

Bright blue eyeshadow applied with my thumbs was my signature look

Now i love mascara, i have long lashes (thanks mum) and love to make them one of my main features, but i took this to the limit when i was younger. I would apply at least five coats. Dry, spidery and clumped lashes. I remember my mum telling me i was putting on too much and would think "i know better than her". No Chelsea, no you did not.

I used to use a cream blush, I'd smile and then literally draw two circles on my cheeks. I can't even imagine how bad that must of looked. Definite cringe.

I remember i got my first concealer stick in a magazine. I remember thinking this was foundation, which led me to literally draw and cover the stuff all over my face. No blending. No brush. I was an oompaloompa.

Now i know your lying if you have never taken your dads razor to your eyebrows because plucking hurt too much. I know i did.

I used to fake tan..a lot. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to apply it to the backs of my legs, but it didn't. So from the front i was orange and from the back i was pale. Again, my mum tried to warn me but did i listen? Nope.

Foundation lips anyone?


Thankfully that's all i can think of for now!
I'd love to read your old bad makeup habits as this was pretty fun to write, so let me know!
Love Chelsea 

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  1. I used to put lip liner on my eyes as eye liner to try out different colours...let me tell you, red eyeliner doesn't look cool, it just looks like you've been punched!