Sunday, 10 August 2014

Holy Grail: Tea tree oil

I've mentioned before how i have very sensitive skin, and i also have a massive problem area on my chin and have done since my early teens! Most strong spot creams or serums may get rid of the spots, but it aggravates my skin which looks worse in my opinion! The only thing my skin is fine with is Tea Tree oil, and i have used the Body Shop Tea Tree Cleansing Facial Wash for about 9 months and have used nothing else. I needed to re-purchase when it ran out, and whilst i was in the Body Shop my eyes fell on this little bottle of Tea Tree Oil! The woman went on to tell me how it was oil extracted from Tea Tree, completely natural and she said it was brilliant, so i bought it. I've been using it for about a month now and i cannot believe the difference it has made to my life (cheesy but true!)

I hardly have any spots anymore! I used to have really angry red spots that a few days later would turn into something nasty, and i have found that i can notice a new spot, but after applying the oil directly onto it, its not there the next day! 

The ones that don't go away are no where near the level that they used to be at! I have used this oil on a daily basis and its now my holy grail skincare product! Its also good for blackheads that Ive also seen a reduction in.

The great thing about this is that once it dries, you can apply your makeup over it and it doesn't affect your base! That and it also takes seconds to apply! When you take off the lid, you shake it gently against your finger tip, and once the oil is on i then rub it onto any problem areas, but make sure you use clean hands!

So that's my new holy grail!
Love Chelsea x


  1. I can not agree more, I've been using this oil for over 2 years and I'm completely in love with it, It just works wonder to my breakouts!Thank you for the nice review.


    1. it really is amazing, the best thing I've ever used for my breakouts too! and your most welcome :) x

  2. Tea Tree Oil is the best spot treatment in my opinion :) So I'm with you there!