Sunday, 17 August 2014

Yellow concealer and I.

I have under eye dark circles, and i know I'm not the only one, and like many others i try as hard as i can to hide and conceal them. Benefit have a yellow concealer called Lemon Aid Colour Corrector and i have wanted it for ages, however, i have had to ban myself for spending on clothes and makeup as i am now in a supported shared house that requires rent and food! So i tried to find dupes and came up with none. A few weeks back, i decided to type in "yellow concealer" onto Ebay just to see if there was anything on offer. I ended up buying this!

This concealer was described as a Yellow All Natural Mineral Concealer "Cream to Powder" Colour Corrector, and i got it as a Buy It Now for £3.50! I thought for that little it was worth a shot, but i will admit i wasn't expecting much. What i will say is that i was blown away by the quality and effectiveness of this concealer considering it wasn't by a known brand and the cheap price!

Its quite a small pot, about the size of a 10p piece, but it really does work, I'm not kidding you! It doesn't get rid of the dark circle, but it pales it enough for it to be completely hidden by my Collection Lasting Perfection  concealer! It really is such a good product!

The concealer isn't very good to apply with a brush, so i rub my ring finger into the pot until my fingertip is covered, and then apply it with a dabbing motion to my under eyes!

As you can see above, it really is quite yellow, but it doesn't appear yellow when you apply it to your under eye circle. I am truly made up with this product, i don't exactly have anything to compare it to, but that doesn't bother me because i have finally found something that works! Ebay are still selling this concealer here. For £3.50 you have nothing to lose!

Love Chelsea x

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